9 Amazing Uses For Wire Hangers

You will be completely amazed by these wire coat hanger hacks and there’s something for everyone. Find out what they are now!

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You will be utterly amazed when you discover these wire coat hanger hacks! We are always looking for the most clever ways to repurpose household items and since those coat hangers seem to multiply, we were pretty sure you would love some ways to use them.

Today we are sharing a quick video that we found on HGTV and it has a number of clever fantastic uses and there’s something for everyone.

via Wonder How To

Amazing Wire Coat Hanger Hacks

via Wonder How To

Before we check out the video, we thought we would share this infographic that includes 16 out-of-the-box ways to utilize your wire hangers.

You can make fairy wings or use one to break into an older model locked car. You can also use it to make a giant bubble wand with the kids. It’s also great when drawstrings go missing in bags or jackets.

It is also excellent for unclogging your toilet and it makes an excellent flip flop holder too! Continue scrolling for the amazing HGTV video!

9 Wire Coat Hanger Hacks Video

We were impressed with just how useful these ideas are for clearing up household clutter and organizing workspaces and wardrobes. You can even create a wire trellis for your plants. This works really well for ivy and other climbers.

It’s a very quick video and we’d love you to view it. Click Play above to watch now ^

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