Tuesday 16 October 2018


“A beautiful home and garden is truly a work of heart …”

How To Make These Amazing Denim Jeans Planters

Add some personality to your garden with these recycled Denim Jeans Planters! They will get your neighbours talking and we have included lots of versions! You will love this easy DIY. Check them all out and watch the video now.

The Sweetest Collection Of Fairy Light Projects To Try

We've rounded up a selection of Fairy Light Projects that you are going to love. Check out the Fairy Light Watering Can and other super easy and very cute ideas, you will love what you see.

How To Propagate Succulents In 4 Steps

You won't need a green thumb to propagate and grow your own Succulents and you'll be amazed how quick and easy it is to do. We've included lots of ideas and a video tutorial to show you how! Check out the details now.

Everything To Know About Growing Houseplants

If you've been looking to add some greenery to your scenery, this informative article teaches you how much light, water, what room is best, and more. Wave goodbye to your brown thumb. Get in the know, in the grow. You'll love this post!

Learn How To Make Kitchen Bottle Labels

Learn how to make gorgeous Kitchen Labels for your plain jane jars and bottles. Thes labels can be used on all your items and they look fabulous and will add a designer touch to your space. Watch the video and check out the great ideas.

How To Change The Color Of Hydrangeas

Find out the easy secret of changing your Hydrangeas to Blue or Pink. We have the answers and a Pinnable Chart for you to keep. Watch the super quick video too. Gardeners, you'll love this!

How To Make A Clay Pot Lighthouse For Your Garden

Here's all you need to make a gorgeous Lighthouse for your garden. This is a very popular DIY and we have a quick video tutorial to show you how. This is the perfect weekend project and you'll love the results.

Amazing Concrete Pots Ideas To Brighten Your Home

We've rounded up some great Concrete Pots Ideas that you are going to love plus a video tutorial that shows you how. Check out all the ideas now. This is a great weekend DIY.

You Are Going To Love These Garage Storage Ideas

You'll love these PVC Tool Storage Ideas for garage and we have rounded up the very best ideas to inspire you to clear up your clutter. Be sure to watch the video tutorial too.

DIY Flea Collar With Essential Oils Video

Learn how to make an Essential Oil Flea Collar to keep the pests at bay on your Furbaby! We've also included a video tutorial to show you how. You can make this in Bandana form too. Check out the ideas now!

How To Make A Wagon Wheel Herb Garden

Upcycle a Wagon Wheel into a Herb or Succulent Garden. You will love this easy and creative idea and we have included a Video that shows you how to turn Bicycle Rims into a Wagon Wheel too. We also have a link for an inexpensive wagon wheel that will be perfect for this project.

How To Grow Mushrooms All The Tips

Grow Mushrooms easily all year round! Learn how to grow them in 5 easy steps with things you already have at home. We also show you how to grow them in a Laundry Basket and in used coffee grounds. Check out the quick video and the other 10 foods that you can re-grow from your kitchen scraps. Don't miss this post!

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