"A beautiful home and garden is truly a work of heart ..."

No Sew Faux Roman Blinds Ideas To Try

Transform your living space with these NO SEW Faux Roman Blinds Ideas that uses a Mini Blind. The finished result looks expensive but costs very little. Check out all the ideas now and watch the video too.

All Natural Fertilizers You Will Love

Now you can save a bundle and make your own Homemade Fertilizers. We've included DIY Miracle Grow plus 4 other popular versions that you won't be able to wait to road test. Learn how to make Banana Peel Fertilizer Water and use grass clippings and egg shells to benefit your garden. Don't miss this post!

Fairy Light Projects You Will Love

We've rounded up a selection of Fairy Light Projects that you are going to love. Check out the Fairy Light Watering Can and other super easy and very cute ideas, you will love what you see.

Strawberry Planter Ideas Pinterest Best

Everyone loves Strawberries and now you can grow your own at home with these Strawberry Planter Ideas that we have rounded up to share with you. Check out all the ideas now. There is something for everyone.

Clay Pot Water Fountain Tutorial

A few clay pots and a large saucer, pump, pebbles and plants is all you need to create this wonderful Table Top Water Feature Planter that will bring a calming effect to your home. You can add some fairies and plants and make it a truly wonderful piece. Watch the video now.

Self Feeding Fire That Lasts 14 Hours Video

You are going to be so excited by this amazing camping hack! Learn how to build a self feeding fire that will last 14 hours at a time. Be sure to watch the video, you won't believe how easy and effective it is and your friends will be thrilled when you share this awesome idea with them.

Cute Terrarium Coffee Pot is An Easy DIY

OMGeeee! You are going to love this super cute project! Learn how to make a Terrarium Coffee Pot for a sunny spot in your home. You won't need a Green Thumb and we show you lots of easy ways to get the look. Check out the video too and the Clay Pot Gumball Machine Planter too. You won't believe how cute it is.

How To Make A Diy Butterfly Garden

We love butterflies and if you do too, you will love to learn the secret to attracting them to your garden. Our post has a detailed infographic and video instructions to show you how plus all the plants and the layout to ensure they visit your garden. Check out all the details now.

Best Homemade Flea Powder Recipe

You'll love to make your own Natural Dog Flea Powder and it really works. It traps and suffocates the fleas and you can use it on your carpet and furniture too. We've also included a video tutorial to show you how plus lots of great ideas. Don't miss this post!

Broken Pot Fairy Garden Video Tutorial

Resurrect a broken pot and turn it into a fabulous Fairy Garden for your backyard! You are going to love the amazing ideas we've included for you! Check out the Terrariums too.

Wine Bottle Tiki Torch An Easy DIY To Try

Turn those left over wine bottles into these fabulous Tiki Torches. They'll brighten up your entertaining area plus add incredible ambience. They are the perfect upcycle that couldn't be easier. Watch the video too.

How To Grow Garlic In Containers Indoors

Learn how to grow an endless supply of Garlic at home in containers. There are so many health benefits too and we have included the top 7. It's great for your brain, dementia, diabetes, colds and flu and more. Watch the quick video tutorial and start growing today {read more}

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