Sunday 23 September 2018


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Amazing Horseshoe Art Ideas That Will Inspire And Delight

Horseshoes have many uses and they can be used in all sorts of art. Check out these ideas, you're bound to find inspiration and don't miss the Spoon Butterfly Art! You will love the inspiration! Be sure to Pin your favorites!

How To Make Turn Your Wall Into A Photo Gallery

Do you have a bunch of family or holiday photos that you would love to put on your wall, but you don't know where to start? Today we show you how to create a photo gallery and create interesting photo clusters. You can use dollar store frames and get a perfect look without wrecking walls. Watch the video now.

How To Easily Grow African Violets From Leaf Cuttings

We love African Violets and if you do too, learn how to grow them from leaf cuttings. You will save a small fortune and always have an abundance of this beautiful and vibrant plant. Be sure to watch the video tutorial now.

How To Make Homemade Air Freshener Gel

Learn how to make your own homemade air freshener gel with only a 3 simple ingredients. Your home will smell amazing and they are so much better and healthier than the store bought version. You'll save heaps of money too and they make great gifts for family and friends. Watch the quick video now.

Craft Room Desk DIY Easy Video Tutorial

These inexpensive Ikea Bookshelves can transform into the most amazing craft desks. Our post includes lots of ideas and a video tutorial that you will love. See how you can clear up your clutter in a heartbeat with these clever ideas.

Fairy Door Clay Pot Planter Is An Easy DIY

You'll love this Fairy Door Clay Pot Planter and it's easy and inexpensive to make. We've also included our very popular Broken Pot Fairy Garden ideas and the beautiful Wheelbarrow Fairy Gardens so be sure to view them all.

How To Grow Gorgeous Hydrangeas From Your Cuttings

Learn how to grow Hydrangeas from cuttings. This is such an easy process and we have a certified horticulturist in the house to share her top tips that will ensure you get the best possible results. Watch the video now.

Table Leg Dragonfly Art Watch The Video

Brighten up your walls and fences with these fabulous Dragonflies that are made from table legs and ceiling fan blades. They are so easy to make and we have a video tutorial that shows you how. Check out all the versions now and Pin your favorites.

Gumball Terrarium An Easy DIY You’ll Love To Try

Learn how to make the cutest Gumball Terrarium out of Clay Pots! We have found you the most adorable ideas plus a quick and easy video tutorial to follow. You will not want to miss these fabulous ideas. Click the link now!

How To Make Gorgeous Broken China Stepping Stones

Do you have chipped china or old plates taking up valuable space? We show you how you can turn your plates into mosaics and make beautiful projects. You will love the stunning garden stones and we've included a video tutorial too!

Dry Dog Shampoo Homemade Recipe Video

This Dry Dog Shampoo is better for your dog's skin than frequent washing which can leave them dry and itchy. This has been very popular and we have a video tutorial to show you how to make your own at home. Check it out now.

Clay Pot Water Fountain Tutorial

A few clay pots and a large saucer, pump, pebbles and plants is all you need to create this wonderful Table Top Water Feature Planter that will bring a calming effect to your home. You can add some fairies and plants and make it a truly wonderful piece. Watch the video now.

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