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Owl Oreo Cupcakes Recipe Video Tutorial

If you are on the hunt for a cute Party idea, you can’t go past these Owl Oreo Cupcakes. They are simple to make and look great …

Baby Owl Cupcakes

It’s no secret that we love Owls around here so when we came across these adorable Owl Oreo Cupcakes we knew we had to share!

We love the Oreo eyes and eyebrows and they will certainly be the talk of your party table. We have also included a quick video tutorial that shows you to make not only these cuties but a fabulous Owl Pullapart Cupcake Cake that’s been very popular.

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 Owl Oreos Cupcakes via Domestic Mama

Domestic Mama has made a great job of her Oreo Owls and she has added a bit of texture to give the appearance of feathers. They sure are sweet and whoever you make them for is going to love them!

Owl Cupcakes and Cake Video via Cinamon 

Cinamom is absolutely amazing and she shows us how to make the famous Owl Tree Cake, she sure makes it look very easy! Be sure to watch her video all the way through and you will see her Owl Oreo Cupcakes too. Click Play above ^

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Owl Oreo Cupcakes via Sweetest Kitchen

The Sweetest Kitchen has presented their Owl Oreo Cupcakes to perfection. We love the way they have used two colors. The brown and white Owls really complement each other.

Owl Oreo Cupcakes via Nancy Creative 

These cuties come from Nancy Creative and they are OWLdorable to say the least. The different colored eyes really make them pop!


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Owl Cake Tutorial

get tutorial >> Owl Cake Tutorial

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