How To Make The Cutest Baby Shower Cake Pop Rattles

You will love to learn how to make Cake Pop Baby Rattles and we’ve included lots of inspiration to help you on your way. Be sure to watch the video tutorial now.

These adorable Baby Rattles are made from Cake Pops and make ideal Party Favours for a Baby Shower.

They’re very easy to make and you can alter them to the appropriate gender quickly and easily. There’s nothing more exciting than welcoming a new baby and once you learn how to make Cake Pop Baby Rattles, they will be your new go-to gift.

necklace via etsy

While we’re on the subject of baby shower gifts, we came across this super cute idea for the Mom to be. What a wonderful and personal keepsake. This necklace will be treasured forever and it’s inexpensive too. You can get yours ordered on Etsy. 

How To Make Cake Pop Baby Rattles

Elise from My Cupcake Addiction gets lots of requests for how to make Cake Pop Baby Rattles. She has an excellent video tutorial that will step you through how to recreate your own at home. Here’s the Tools & Equipment that you will need

  • Lollypop stick
  • Paper straw your chosen color
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

The Ingredients Elise uses in the video are :

  • Cake pop balls
  • Lifesavers in matching color (she used musk and mint)
  • White chocolate, melted (you can color with gel or powder colors, or use candy melts in your desired color)
  • Confetti sprinkles

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As mentioned previously, you can also make your Baby Rattles using Oreos and that’s exactly what Little Miss Kate did. She has a full tutorial on her site to show you how to recreate them.

If you are looking for inexpensive ways to box up your Cake Pop Baby Rattles, you can make a gift box out of a paper plate like the one we have featured here.

The Cake Blog features a full tutorial from Cake Girls that shows you how to recreate these Cake Pop Baby Rattles.

We think the result is absolutely stunning and is guaranteed to ensure that the compliments are flying at your Baby Shower.

Here’s some beautiful Cake Pops from Catch My Party and remember, you can use blue for a boy if you prefer.

A simple bow, combined with this adorable striped holder, makes them very striking and pretty as a picture.

Baby Pacifiers

Another idea that we love is these Lifesaver Baby Pacifiers that we found on Style at Home. They are quick and easy to put together.

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