Baileys Marshmallow Shots A Toasted Treat

We are always on the hunt for easy entertaining ideas and these Baileys Marshmallow Shots certainly have the WOW factor ..

You will love to make these Baileys Marshmallow Shots and they are perfect for easy entertaining. This idea is nothing short of genius and it will certainly add the WOW factor to your next event.

Can’t you just imagine how delicious they will be? There’s a reason that they has been an Internet sensation and we couldn’t wait to share this fabulous idea with you!

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Baileys Marshmallow Shots via Delish 

With only 2 ingredients required and a hot plate, you really can’t go wrong! You could even toast them around your campfire. One thing’s for sure, you are going to love them!

Baileys Marshmallow Shots Video Tutorial

We found this idea on the Delish Site and lucky for us all, they have a video tutorial that shows you how to make them. To watch, click Play below to view.

Baileys Marshmallow Shots Ingredients 

  • 6 jumbo marshmallows
  • Baileys, for filling


1. Stick a jumbo marshmallow halfway up a fork and toast over a burner, turning occasionally, until very toasted and warmed through.

2. Use another fork to help slide the marshmallow off the fork; the center should sink and make a well for marshmallow.

3. Fill with Baileys and serve.

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