Ballerina Marshmallows Pops Recipe Video

These super cute Ballerina Marshmallows make the perfect Party Pops and they will certainly wow everyone who sees them ..

Marshmallow Ballerinas

Imagine our delight when we came across these adorable Ballerina Marshmallows! We could hardly believe our eyes and neither could many of the visitors to our site. We are always on the hunt for super cute and easy Party ideas and this has to be top of the pops!

They can be used for showers, birthdays, in fact, anytime at all. Make them in your favorite colors. If your little girl loves to twirl, this is the perfect party treat that will be the talk of your table.

Ballerina Marshmallow Pops

Like we said, they are really easy to recreate and we have also included how to make a Tinkerbelle version for you too. You will also only need a few key items. You will find lots of different versions in our post.

We have also included a quick video for you to view. Be sure that you scroll our page all the way to the end and Pin as you go.

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Ballerina Marshmallows

 Ballerina Marshmallow Pops via Kidspot

Ballerina Marshmallows Supplies

Ballerina Marshmallow Video via Charli’s Kitchen

Ballerina Marshmallows Video

We have included a video tutorial that shows you just how easy it is to make your very own Ballerina Marshmallows at home. Click Play above to watch now ⇑

Ballerina Marshmallows

Ballerina Marshmallows via Catch My Party

Ballerina Marshmallows

Ballerina Marshmallow Pops

Ballerina Marshmallow Pops via Pinterest

Ballerina pops video tutorial

Ballerina Marshmallows via youtube

Ballerina Marshmallow pops

Ballerina Marshmallow Pops via Glitter and Bubbles

Ballerina Marshmallow Pops Tutorial

 Ballerina Marshmallow Pops via Glitter and Bubbles

Marshmallow Ballerinas

Ballerina Marshmallow Pops via 7 On A Shoestring

Ballerina Marshmallow Pops

Ballerina Pops via Pinterest

marshmallow ballerinas

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Ballerina Cupcake topper

Ballerina Cupcake Topper via that cute little cake

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