Barn Cake With Animal Cupcakes Video

You will love to make a Barn Cake with Animal Cupcakes and we have an easy to follow video tutorial that will show you how to recreate this fabulous show stopping cake.

There is something about Barns and Farms that everyone loves.

It’s hardly surprising that it’s a very popular theme when it comes to birthdays too. So what better way to celebrate a special day!

via Betty Crocker 

These barnyard animal cupcakes are the icing on the cake! Betty Crocker originally came up with the idea.

The great news is that the barn and cupcakes are a lot easier to make than it might seem. Using candies, coconuts, marshmallows and some carefully placed graham crackers, you can make all of these adorable creatures and their barn easily.

Barn Cake With Animal Cupcakes Video

We have included a video tutorial from Betty Crocker that will show you how to put together your Barn Cake Scene. You’ll use Graham Crackers and Pretzels for ban windows, doors and roof shingles.

You can use various candies for decorating the animal cupcakes. You can ice the cupcakes and cake using a spatula. To see how to create your Barn Cake, click Play above ^

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via Rose Bakes 

There are a number of ways that you can decorate your Barn Cake like this one from Rose Bakes. You can use buttercream frosting or marshmallow fondant. This is very easy to make and tastes great. It’s not as sickly as traditional frostings. Jello Fondant works too.

We also found these super cute Animal Cupcakes on Pinterest and you can see how icing and decorating can transform them into their favorite farmyard animals.

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