5 Star Best Guacamole Recipe Ever

This 5 star dip is the best guacamole recipe ever and you are guaranteed to love it. We have a quick video to show you how. View now.
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We love sharing 5-star recipes and this is the best Guacamole recipe ever! This will be your new favorite and it’s perfect for get-togethers.

Reviewers describe it as smooth and creamy with just the right amount of flavor. With avocados and Roma tomatoes at its base, it’s perfect with corn or tortilla chips, baked pita, and freshly sliced veggies.

Best Guacamole Recipe Ingredients

Serves: 6

  • 3 ripe avocados; peeled, stones removed
  • One lime, juiced
  • 1/2 onion, diced
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • small handful chopped fresh coriander
  • One clove garlic, crushed
  • 2 Roma tomatoes, diced
  • 1 pinch ground cayenne pepper (optional)

Best Guacamole Recipe Video Instructions

via Allrecipes, youtube.

In order for you to achieve the best possible result, we are including this quick video tutorial from Allrecipes. We have outlined the recipe and a further review below. To watch the video, click play above ^

Allrecipes 5 Star Review

via Allrecipes

As mentioned previously, this best Guacamole recipe is 5 star rated and has 7000 reviews. The average rating is just under 5. Here’s what one reviewer had to say.

“I live in Arizona and my husband and I both love guacamole. We’ve eaten guacamole too many times to count and we both loved this recipe! I followed the recipe exactly and it was the best Guacamole I have ever made!

My husband is picky about salsa and guacamole, due to his grandmother who makes everything so awesome. Even he said this was the best one yet! I will only make this guacamole from now on”

allrecipes member 4everluvved

How To Make Guacamole Recipe

via Allrecipes

In a medium bowl, mash together the avocados, lime juice, and salt.
Mix in onion, coriander, tomatoes, and garlic.
Stir in cayenne pepper.
Refrigerate 1 hour for best flavor, or serve immediately.
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