The Easiest Embroidery Flowers For Baking

You’ll be decorating and icing cakes like a Pro with these amazing, super easy Brush Embroidery Cake tips. Be sure to watch the video too.

Brush Embroidery Icing Effect

Learn how to decorate your cakes like a Pro using these gorgeous Brush Embroidery Cake Decorating techniques. You will amaze your family and friends and earn plenty of kitchen kudos!

You can also use free hand and a small brush to draw flower petals.

It’s as easy as finding an image and tracing it on. The results are absolutely beautiful. This technique is ideal for wedding cakes but you can use it for any occasion at all.

How to decorate cakes with SugarVeil Icing and Brush Embroidery

via Cake Central

You’ll also love this SugarVeil Icing technique that has an embroidery type texture and appearance. To achieve this look, start off by preparing some royal icing. Grease a piece of parchment paper and place it over the template of your chosen design.

Next, fill a thin nozzle piping bag with the icing and start drawing your design. A flat toothpick is used for the outline.

Once the icing has dried, remove the embroidered pattern from the paper and start decorating your cake.

Brush Embroidery Cake Flowers Video

We’ve included a helpful video tutorial that will step you through the process. To watch, click Play above ^

Supplies you’ll need

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DIY Brush Embroidery Cake Icing Decorating

via Melodia Cakes and Treats

Just look at the effect that has been achieved from Melodia Cakes and Treats her beautiful flower effects are breathtaking and easy to recreate at home. This would be perfect for a Wedding Cake too.

Brush Embroidery Cookie Box

via Sweet Ambs

You’ll love to make this Brush Embroidery Cookie Box like the one featured above from Sweet Ambs and it’s perfect for a gift for any special occasion. Fill it with your favorite Mini Cookies or other delicious sweet treats.

Sketching With Sugar Veil

via Cake Central

You can also create beautiful Brush Embroidery cake decorating effects using SugarVeil Icing and if this is something of interest to you, there is an excellent tutorial on Cake Central 

These Brush Embroidery Flowers from Veena Azmanof are a picture of perfection. They will look wonderful plated up with afternoon tea and they would be popular sellers at markets too.

Another of our favorites are these Brush Embroidery Cookies from Glorious Treats and they look particularly pretty in the pastel colors that she has featured.

Over on the Craftsy Site, we found this eye popper. The deep red color perfectly complements the white icing. You can see that you can create any number of effects and swirls. We love it!

Doily Lace Cookies

See more ideas including these Lace Doily effect Cookies here

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