Learn How To Make Gorgeous Brush Embroidery Cake Flowers

You’ll be decorating and icing cakes like a Pro with these amazing, super easy Brush Embroidery Cake tips. Be sure that you watch the video tutorial too.

Learn how to decorate your cakes like a Pro using these gorgeous Brush Embroidery Cake Decorating techniques.

You can also use free hand and a small brush to draw flower petals. It’s as easy as finding an image and tracing it on.

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The results are absolutely beautiful. This technique is ideal for wedding cakes but you can use it for any occasion at all.

You’ll also love this SugarVeil Icing technique from Cake Central that has an embroidery type texture and appearance. This look is achieved using Royal Icing and parchment paper.

Brush Embroidery Cake Flowers Video

We’ve included a helpful video tutorial that will step you through how you can recreate Brush Embroidery Cake Flowers at home.

To watch, click Play above ^

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via melodia cakes

Just look at the effect that has been achieved from Melodia Cakes and Treats. Her beautiful flowers are breathtaking and it’s hard to believe that the process is so easy.

This would work exceptionally well for a Wedding Cake too.

You’ll love to make this Brush Embroidery Cookie Box like the one featured above from Sweet Ambs and it’s perfect for a gift.

You can fill with Mini Cookies or other sweet treats. There is an excellent tutorial on Sweet Ambs that will show you how. 

These Brush Embroidery Flowers from Veena Azmanof are a picture of perfection. They will look wonderful plated up. 

They would be popular sellers at markets too. Veena has a full tutorial on her site to show you how to make them here.

Another of our favorites are these Brush Embroidery Cookies from Glorious Treats and they look particularly pretty in the pastel colors that she has featured.

There is a full tutorial to show you how to make them here.

Over on the Craftsy Site, we found this eye-popper. The deep red color perfectly complements the white icing.

You can see that you can create any number of effects and swirls. We love it. Want more? Check out the best buttercream recipe here.

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