Learn the secret to making Chocolate Butterfly Decorations for your cakes and baking treats. We have a quick video to show you how.

chocolate butterfly decorations tutorial

We fell head over heels for these gorgeous Chocolate Butterfly Decorations and they’re perfect for adding to cakes and all your favorite desserts. What a beautiful and simple addition.

They really will be the talk of your table. Just be sure that you don’t tell your guests how easy they are! We have featured a number of different variations and there’s something for everyone. Be sure that after you view the video, you scroll our page all the way to the end so that you don’t miss a single idea.

Chocolate Butterfly Decorations Video Tutorial

via Tip Hero, Youtube

Are you ready to learn how to make Chocolate Butterfly Decorations? This video tutorial from Tip Hero is very easy to follow.

We highly recommend that you take a moment to view. This way you can be assured of the best possible results. To watch, click Play above ^

chocolate butterfly decorations tutorial

via Everything Old Crafts

Frosted Chocolate Cupcakes With Butterflies

via Everything Old Crafts 

These cupcakes with Chocolate Butterflies are perfect for Baby Showers, Engagements, Birthdays, in fact, all your special times.

You can box them up with a ribbon for the perfect homemade gift! We love this adorable idea from Everything Old Crafts.

chocolate butterfly decorations tutorial

via Oh Nuts

Colored Chocolate Butterflies

via Oh Nuts

Over on Oh Nuts, you are shown in-depth how to make these gorgeous Chocolate Butterflies Decorations.

Elizabeth from Sugar Hero is the creator behind these stunners and her tutorial is easy to follow. They have been filled with stunning colors and are another way that you can present them. You can find the tutorial here.

chocolate butterfly decorations tutorial

via Annies Eats 

Pretty Chocolate Butterfly Cupcakes

via Annie Eats 

Annies Eats is the face behind these stunning chocolate butterflies and she too has a great photo tutorial and instructions on her site.

She has made an assortment of colored Chocolate Butterflies and then perfectly matched them to her cupcakes. You can see the details here.

chocolate butterfly decorations tutorial

via confessions of a confectionista

Pixie Dust Fairy Cakes With Butterflies

via Confessions Of A Confectionista

We particularly love this colorful version from Confessions of a Confectionista. They look so incredibly pretty and you can whip up your frosting in any color.

In fact, be sure to check out our frosting chart for more ideas. You can find these Cupcakes here.

via we lived happily ever after 

Wax Paper Chocolate Butterflies

 We lived Happily Ever After is the creator behind these intricate Chocolate Butterflies which have been made using books and wax paper.

They are almost too pretty to eat! You can find the details here.

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