Carb & Gluten Free 4 Ingredient Cloud Bread Recipe

It’s Gluten and Carb Free and it’s taken the world by storm! This will be your new ‘go to’ recipe and you’ll love that it’s guilt free. Be sure to watch the video while you’re here.

Have you heard of Cloud Bread? It’s a tasty NO Carb bread and you can make it quickly from just 4 ingredients. In fact further down our post, we have a 3 ingredient video version.

All you need is Eggs, Cream Cheese, Baking Powder or Cream of Tartar and a little honey or natural sweetener.

It’s light, fluffy, Gluten Free, high in protein and a great substitute for other breads. It can also be frozen. It also keeps well in your refrigerator for up to 7 days according to the creator of today’s featured recipe, Big Apple Mama.

She has a couple of different versions that we have included links to below and you are not going to want to miss them.

How To Make Cloud Bread Video Tutorial

We have included a video from Big Mama herself that shows you how to make her famous Cloud Bread quickly and easily at home.

We highly recommend that you view so that you learn the various tips to achieving the perfect result. Click Play above to view ^

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Garlic Cloud Bread

Here’s Big Apple Mama’s Garlic Cloud Bread Recipe  for you to try. You can visit her on her site where she has plenty of other interesting recipes that you will be keen to try. See her here

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