Cupcake Bouquet Tutorial With Video

You will be so excited to learn how to turn Cupcakes into gorgeous Bouquet and it’s easy when you know how!  You’ll soon be baking like a Pro! Watch the video now.

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You can give a bouquet of flowers or you can give a Cupcake Bouquet! Imagine the delight when you give this as a gift.

It’s an easy DIY and you can achieve extremely professional results. If you want to check out some buttercream frosting flavors, be sure to check out the Perfect Piped Buttercream recipes.

Cupcake Bouquet

You can achieve 3D effects by using various shades of icing like this stunning featured version from Jenn’s Cake Couture. It’s actually simpler than it looks and we love the presentation.

Adding the right box or container and a bow takes your creation to the next level. The Polka Dots look beautiful too.

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Flower-Pot-Cake-Bouquet-Tutorial-550x612These Bouquets are perfect for Showers, Birthdays, Mothers Day, in fact, any special occasion.

They make great centerpieces too! Be sure that you scroll our post and check out our collection of ideas that includes cupcake frosting tips and tricks which are bound to come in very handy.  We love this Clay Pot version from Cake Central

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Cupcake Bouquet

Talk about gorgeous! This cupcake bouquet from Cakes Decor features a myriad of gorgeous effects. The bouquet is a combination of Hydrangeas, Roses and Carnations and is nothing short of breathtaking!  It’s simply a matter of picking the right tip and Wilton have a fantastic bakers set that you will love to check out. It’s great value and has everything you could need. You can see details here

How To Make Cupcake Bouquet Video

We have included this video tutorial from Mad Hatter Cupcakery. They show you step by step how to decorate and assemble your cupcake bouquet and you are going to love the results. To watch the video tutorial, click Play above to watch now ^

Cupcake Bouquet The WHOot

Learn all the tips and tricks to create amazing effects like above. You will love our Frosting and Buttercream Guide here 

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Roses Cupcake TutorialThis simple white Cupcake Bouquet is via  Pillsbury Cupcake Cake Bouquet]Cupcake Bouquet using 2 colours via Vanessa Craft Cupcake Bouquet

Check out all the Piping Tips For Sale —> here 

Cupcake Bouquet

via Cakes Decor

Here’s another unique way to present your Cupcake Cake Bouquet

Cupcake Cake Bouquet

via Temple Square

Flower Cupcake Bouquetpull apart cupcake cake via Cake Central

Cupcake Flower Bouquet get tutorial —>  Cupcake Cake Flower Pot Bouquet Cupcake-Bouquet-Basket-Such-a-pretty-Mothers-Day-gift-idea-or-beautiful-party-centerpiece-1-550x831Add a basket for a nice touch to your Cupcake Bouquet

Cupcake Centrepiece Easter Cupcake BouquetLove this Cupcake Bouquet Basket via 52 Kitchen Adventures

Cupcake BouquetCupcake Bouquet via Party City

Hydrangea Cupcakes Tutorial Learn how to make beautiful —> Hydrangea Cupcakes

Rose Cupcake Cake Bouquet A Clay Pot is another option for your  —> Rose Cupcake Cake Bouquet Cupcake Bouquet Tutorial We just love the colours in this Cupcake Bouquet via Pryor Events Cupcake Cake BouquetThis beautiful version is very easy to make —> Cupcake Cake Bouquet

Flower Pot CakeHow realistic does this Flower Pot Cake look! Get details —>  Flower Pot Cake

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