The Ultimate Cupcake Frosting Guide

Learn all the frosting tips and tricks that will take your decorating skills to a whole new level! You are guaranteed to love these super easy and amazing Ideas!

If you love making cupcakes, this handy Cupcake Frosting Guide will give you the desired effect every time and you’ll soon be knocking out perfect flavors like a Pro-Baker.

In order to achieve the various effects, you will need icing tips. Attach them to a piping bag, or use a ziplock bag and snip the end off. Wilton have a great range on Amazon

Here’s a very handy Frosting Flavor Guide that shows you how to mix the desired colours. Food Network suggest that you mix a cup of frosting with the recommended number of food coloring drops.

You can mix all of these colors using standard red, yellow, blue and green food coloring and can achieve a literal rainbow of colors.

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This Cupcake Flavor Chart from McCormick shows you the color and flavor guides and the quantities that you will need to use. Be sure to Pin as it will come in very handy.

Over on She Knows they have compiled this very handy infographic that gives some delicious recipes and flavors that we know you will be keen to try.

You can select from Red Velvet, Mocha, Pistachio, Peanut Butter, Peppermint and Coconut Cream to name a few.

The Ultimate Frosting Guide

Ziploc have provided this Frosting and Flavour Guide – They suggest starting off with 8oz of White Frosting and simply add food coloring.

Another tip they suggest is to add a tip to the bag. Simply fold over the top of the bag, cut off the corner, and place the tip inside for extra precision and swirly fanciness!

Now that you are familiar with your flavors, let’s look at the tips and effects that you can achieve. This Piping Tip Guide from Gygi is a great place to start. You can achieve flowers, stars, round swirls and many more of the popular effects. The full article is here

Easy Frosting Tips and Tricks

One of our favorite decorating sites is Glorious Treats. They make all sorts of wonderful desserts and they have a whole article that explains simple frosting techniques like those displayed above. You can find all the details here

Ever wonder what Tip you should be using? This very handy chart from It’s a Baking Thing leaves you in no doubt which nozzle is required to achieve your favorite effects. You can read the article here

How To Decorate Cupcakes Video

Here’s some great tips and tricks from Wilton regarding how to decorate Cupcakes. They show you 6 different flowers. To view, click play above ^


6 Best Cupcake Decorating Techniques Video

We’ve all seen those gorgeous Cupcakes and now you can learn the techniques and make your own at home. Imagine the money you can save.

You can make them for all your special events and even create a home business servicing family and friends. You will not believe how easy it is to achieve such Professional results! Click Play above to view the video from Cupcake Gemma ^

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