10 Fancy Bread Roll Shapes You’ll Love To Make

We were blown away when we discovered this excellent video tutorial that shows us 10 fancy bread roll shapes to make. They are easy and look terrific. Watch the video now.

A bread roll is a perfect accompaniment to a meal but the usual round shape can be a bit on the boring side.

If you want to take your next dinner party to the next level and wow your guests in the process, you’ll love these fancy bread roll shapes and the best part, they couldn’t be easier to make.

10 Simple Fancy Bread Shapes Video

When we were travelling around Youtube, we couldn’t believe this video that we found from Russian Food. In a little over 2 and a half minutes, they show us how to create 10 fancy bread shapes.

We guarantee that you won’t believe your eyes. Crazy Dough would be perfect for this recipe. We have included some amazing pinnables for you in our post below. Be sure to check them out after you watch the video. Click Play above to view now ^

Dove Bird Bread via giallozafferano

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via Kadinca Tarifler 

Bread Rolls via Kadinca Tarifler 

Rose Rolls via Fauzia’s Kitchen 

Clove Dinner Rolls via Paula Deen Magazine 

Happy Bread via Foodiva Kitchen

Dinner Roll Animals via Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart 

Hedgehog Bread via goods home design

Tear Away Teddy Bear Rolls via Ameblo

Octopus Bread via She Knows 

Bread Cones via Home Cooking In Montana 

Camembert Roll Wreath via freutcake

Hippo Bread Rolls via Handmade Charlotte 

Puppy Dog Rolls via Bento Monsters 

Pig Bread via Postila 

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