2-Ingredient Homemade Powdered Icing Sugar

If you’ve ever wondered how to make icing sugar, then you’ll love this easy recipe. Whoot contributor Gemma Stafford is here to show us how with her helpful video tutorial.
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Did you know that you can make your very own Homemade Powdered Icing sugar with just 2 ingredients?

There are times when you want to make some frosting and you realize that you don’t have Powdered Sugar on hand. Don’t despair, it’s super easy and you’ll love making it yourself.

via bigger bolder baking 

There are a few things to take special note of according to Gemma. First, she says you’ll need a good blender that will be able to blend the sugar to a fine powder.

You could also use a spice grinder or coffee grinder. You’ll also need to keep feeling the sugar along the way to be sure it gets nice and soft. You’ll know it’s ready when it feels just like the store-bought stuff.

Homemade Powdered Icing Sugar Video

by Gemma Stafford, Bigger Bolder Baking

In this video, you’ll see how you can make your very own icing sugar. It’s great to be self-sufficient and make your own ingredients. You’ll not only save money but be eating healthier, even when it comes to sugar.

Gemma always gives great tips in her videos, so we highly recommend watching! Click play above to watch now ^

via Bigger Bolder Baking

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