Learn How To Cook The Perfect Steak

Ever wondered how to cook a perfect steak? We have included tricks you won’t want to miss plus Jamie Oliver is in the house with a video showing 5 of his best Steak Hacks.

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It’s easy to cook the Perfect Steak once you know how and we have included all the best tips and tricks that you won’t want to miss. We have some links to top Bloggers, and a video from Jamie Oliver showing us his 5 best ever Steak hacks. This is a must watch.

You are also going to love the excellent infographics and we’re sure that you will learn a few new tricks along the way!

We have included Charts, Marinades, easy homemade BBQ Sauce, a Digital Meat Thermometer and other great ideas to try.

You’ll also love the delicious Glazed Balsamic Steak Rolls. They have been hugely popular and are super easy to make.

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via good food

The best place to start is by selecting your cut of meat. BBC Good Food has an excellent chart that explains the different cuts. Sirloin, T-Bone, Rib Eye and Rump are all excellent choices. Fillet Steak is touted to be the most tender of all.

How To Grill a Perfect Steak

info via Fix

According to Fix there’s no need to make a mistake cooking steak. They suggest 3-6 minutes dependant on the heat of your grill. They suggest you grill until you get those nice grill marks and then rotate. You’ll then flip the steak, rotate again and then finish off by baking.

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Steak Cooking Chart

 via step by step chef

This Infographic from Step By Step Chef  has some great info regarding the color and texture of your Steak plus how to cook in all the popular forms. A well done steak should not be pink, should be firm and should be cooked at 150.

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How To Cook Steak Perfectly Video

Jamie Oliver is in the house to share his best tips and techniques that will nail the most perfect Steak ever! Click Play above to watch now ^

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Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls Recipe

Here’s another great way to use your Steak. We can’t wait to try these Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls and how incredibly good do they look. You can get the details from Tablespoon here

How to Cook The Perfect Steak

via A Family Feast 

Now that’s what you call a perfect steak! We expect nothing less from A Family Feast and on their site, they share the secret to serving up a juicy, incredibly delicious pan seared steak! Get the details here

Easy Homemade BBQ Sauce

 via Moms Dish

Nothing beats Homemade BBQ Sauce and this version takes 5 minutes to prepare, then leave to simmer. Honey, Mustard, Worcestershire are just some of the wonderful flavors that you will experience and it’s perfect for your steak. Find it on Moms Dish here

Digital Meat Thermometer

Cook your Steaks just like a Pro with this Digital Thermometer! It’s so easy to cook Rare, Medium or Well Done. This will make a great gift for your BBQ loving mates too! view here

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