Jack Daniels And Coke Popsicles

Are you ever in for a treat! These Jack Daniels and Coke Popsicles are awesome and you are going to love them! Watch the video tutorial now.

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You are going to love these Jack Daniels and Coke Popsicles and they are the ultimate AO treat!

If you loved the fully loaded jack Daniels Fudge, then here’s another delicious idea that you will be keen to whip up. The great news is apart from tasting great, they are very easy to make!

Jack Daniels And Coke Popsicles Video

via The Tipsy Bartender

We have included a quick video tutorial from the recipe creator. We highly recommend that you view, this way you will get the best possible result. Click Play above to view now ^

via Tipsy Bartender

How To Make Jack Daniels And Coke Pops

via The Tipsy Bartender, Youtube.

When it comes to these Jack Daniels and Coke Popsicles you will need to add one part Jack Daniels to 4 parts Coke.

You will pour the alcohol into the base of your popsicle molds prior to adding the Coke. Let the mixture go flat and then freeze your pops overnight or until they are solid.

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