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How To Make Fruit And Veg Last Much Longer

There are several things you can do to make your fruit and veg last longer and spoil less and we’ve got lots of tips and tricks to share …

Did you know that some fruits, vegetables, and sauces will spoil quicker if they are stored cold? This is just one of the helpful tips you will find in the following infographic.

To say that we learned a thing or two is an understatement. By implementing some simple changes to the way you lay your fridge and pantry out, you will save money through less produce spoiling.

what to keep in pantry and fridge

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Onions, Garlic and Potatoes should never be refrigerated. They’re best stored in a cool place away from direct light. When it comes to your countertop, Bananas, Citrus, Stone Fruit and Tomatoes should be stored loose and away from sunlight, heat and moisture.

Refrigerate or Freeze

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Another choice you find yourself needing to make is whether to refrigerate or freeze. This handy chart shows you how long you can expect the shelf life to be. Bacon, for example, will last 7 days in the fridge but up to a month when you freeze it.

How to store Fruit and Vegetables

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Continue scrolling our page for more helpful charts. They will come in very handy and we have even included a chart that has when to harvest your fruit and veg. When you do things correctly they will naturally last longer.

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Tips for harvesting and storing your vegetablesOne Good Thing By Jillee

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