Best No Bake Lemon Icebox Cake Recipe

We’re big fans of no bake recipes around here and today we have a simply scrummy dessert that you will love to make. We’re talking about this Lemon Icebox Cake.

If you love to entertain and always find yourself feeding a crowd, or maybe you just want an easy and delicious dessert to complement a meal, little compares to a Lemon Ice Box Cake.

We know that you will love the sweet and sour flavors that pack a punch and we even have copycat recipes for 2 of the ingredients, graham crackers and cool whip, so you can make your own!

lemon icebox cake by GreaterGood

Lemon Icebox Cake Video Instructions

The recipe creators, Greater Good have had great success with this recipe and it has literally flown around the internet and facebook. Just remember, you will need to make ahead and allow for some chilling time, 4 hours in fact.

We have outlined the ingredients list below for you and to see how to make the entire recipe, click play above ^

Lemon Icebox Cake Recipe Ingredients

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