The Best Crispy Fries Without Deep Frying

We’re excited to share the secret to crispy fries and you won’t need a deep fryer. They are healthier and so much more delicious.

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If you love fries on the side, you won’t want to miss learning how to make crispy fries without deep frying. This is no easy feat, however! American Test Kitchen has put in 3 weeks and 10 pounds of potatoes to perfect this technique.

The problem with regular oven fries is they simply don’t crisp up. They look pale and flabby and often burn. If you would like to be able to recreate the perfect chip, you will not want to miss these tips.

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Best Potatoes For Cooking

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Before we show you how to achieve the world’s best thick-cut oven fries, we thought you may find the above infographic of interest.

The potato of choice for American Test Kitchen is Yukon Gold.

It is an excellent all-purpose potato that is generally considered the best all-rounder.

They have a medium starch content, thin skin and a creamy, buttery flavor. They are the natural choice for crispy oven fries.

How To Make Crispy Fries Without A Deep Fryer

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The video tutorial that we are sharing with you today has had millions of views. The feedback is also excellent and the tips that you will learn are truly life-changing when it comes to baking your fries.

We have no doubt that you will greatly benefit from the advice that is shared.  Press play above now ^

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