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Edible Marshmallow Teacups Biscuit Recipe

These edible marshmallow teacups are the cutest ever! They are extremely easy to recreate and the ultimate sweet treat …

These Tic Toc Marshmallow Teacups are perfect for tea parties and don’t they look great! They’re so easy to make from just a few simple ingredients and the kids will love them.

The creator suggests that replacing the Icing Sugar and water with melted white chocolate works really well. Wouldn’t they make a lovely edible gift? They will certainly be the talk of your table!

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Edible Marshmallow Teacups via My Kitchen Stories 

Edible Marshmallow Teacup Ingredients

Edible Marshmallow Teacups Video Tutorial

We have included a video tutorial that shows you how to make these edible marshmallow teacups. Click Play above to view ^

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Marshmallow Edible Teacups via Planning With Kids 

Whilst these edible marshmallow tea cups use Tic Toc Biscuits as the base, any iced cookie can be substituted. Be sure to make them in in fun colors that work well with the ingredients.

The marshmallow is glued with melted chocolate to the biscuit base. Be careful not to smear it all over your biscuit.

Marshmallow Biscuit Teacups via So Here’s How 

Another cute idea that you are going to love are the Teacup Macarons that we have featured below. View details here

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Teacup Macarons

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