Famous 4 Ingredient Vanilla Slice Recipe

You will love the results that come with this No Bake Vanilla Slice Recipe. It tastes every bit as good as the ones in the Bakery!
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Today we’re excited to share with you one of our all-time favorites. This No Bake Vanilla Slice 4 Ingredient Recipe is legendary and you will love it! This dreamy creamy slice is perfect with a cuppa!

Be warned though, it’s a crowd favorite and a must-make! The secret is the Lattice Biscuit top. This makes it so easy to put together. Vanilla Slice is an Aussie Icon and one of the most requested Bakery items along with custard tarts and donuts!

No Bake Vanilla Slice Recipe Ingredients

So, let’s take a look at what you are going to need for this recipe.

    • 1 packet of Lattice biscuits
    • 600ml (20 oz) double cream
    • 100g (3.5oz) packet vanilla pudding mix
    • passionfruit icing (see below)

4 Ingredient No Bake Vanilla Slice Video

via Kim McCosker

We have included a very quick video tutorial from 4 Ingredients Founder, Kim McCosker. Here she shows you how to recreate her Vanilla Slice Recipe at home.

We highly recommend that you view. This way you will achieve the best possible result. To see Kim in action, click Play above ^

No Bake Vanilla Slice Instructions

via Kim McCosker

Place a layer of crackers on the bottom of a paper-lined rectangular baking dish.

Mix cream and pudding together until thick, pour onto the biscuit base, and top with another layer of biscuits.

Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before slicing and serving.

Optional: When in season, add two fresh mangoes peeled and sliced to the mixture topped with the following icing.

Passionfruit Icing

Makes 1/2 cup

      • 1 cup (120g) icing sugar
      • One tablespoon passionfruit pulp
      • 1 teaspoon (15g) butter, softened

In a bowl, mix the ingredients together until an even spreadable consistency is reached. Recipe from Mrs.Val Savage

4 Ingredient Cook Book

via Kim McCosker

Kim McCosker is the creator of the recipe and she is an International bestselling author from Australia. She is loved worldwide for her simple and delicious 4 Ingredient Recipes. If you love her Vanilla Slice you can get her cookbook here.

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