Number Cakes Ideas Perfect For Your Next Party

You will love to learn how to make these Number Cakes Ideas quickly and easily with these clever tips. Be sure to watch the video …

Number Cakes Ideas

If you’re having a birthday and would love to feature the age as your cake, you will be happy to see just how easy it is.

All you need to do is cut the cake in the correct shapes and you are in business. You can decorate with sparkles, glitter, M&M’s, Icing. Some have even turned Cakes into Race Tracks. Your imagination is all you are limited by.

Number Cakes Ideas The WHOot

A Cake Pan is also a great alternative. If you’d like one in letters and numbers —> Get yours here

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Number Cakes Ideas

Be sure that you scroll our page and check out all the different versions. We particularly love the Mickey Mouse Number 3 Cake. It’s such a cute idea and again, very easy to recreate for the Disney lover in your life. Check out the video below too!

How To Make Number Cakes Video

We have included a video tutorial that shows you how to make any number cake you like. It’s really easy and you can use either square or round cakes. To watch, click Play above ^

Alphabet Cake Pan

Now you can make any letter or number you like with this awesome Cake Pan. It’s a great purchase and will come in just so handy! —> Get yours here

Cake Numbers TutorialThese Cake Numbers are from the That’s Life Site

Numbers Cake 3

Number 3 Cake via The Domestic Project 

Number Cake

Number Cake via One Little Project

Baby Girls 1st Cake

Number One Cake via Flickr

Numbers Cake 3
Number 3 Birthday Cake via One Little Project 

Mickey Mouse Number 3 Cake

Mickey Mouse Number 3 Cake via PinterestNumber 3 Cake
Number 3 Cake via Bits of Everything

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