Our Most Favorite One-Pot Pasta Dishes

These One-Pot Pasta Recipes mean less time, less fuss and less mess! They’re incredibly delicious and will give you plenty of kitchen kudos. Check out all the ideas now.

When it comes to easy breezy recipes, One-Pot Pasta dishes have to top the list. They are nothing sort of genius and are a meal time savior for many. There’s a reason they are popular.

We’ve rounded up our favorites and you are going to be spoilt for choice. There’s no fuss, no mess, and they are super quick and incredibly delicious. Check them out now and Pin your favorites.

Best One-Pot Pasta Recipe Video

In a hurry to throw together dinner tonight? This video from Tasty features 8 of the best one-pot pasta recipes you can whip up.

Check out One Pot Swedish Meatballs, Primavera, Taco Pasta, Fajita Pastato name but a few. Click Play above now ^

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If you want your pasta purely veggie, then you’ll love this recipe! This easy, One-pot vegetarian spaghetti is as simple as one-pot gets and will hit the spot on a busy weeknight.

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Beef Stroganoff doesn’t have to be complicated! This one-pot version is a simple family meal that can be made for one or a crowd. It tastes great with any kind of ground meat you’d like too!

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If you’re tired of the same old taco night, this one-pot recipe is the perfect antidote! Made with yummy ground meat, onions and tomato sauce, it works up in a jiffy and is a great family meal.

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This creamy one-pot pasta from Damn Delicious is a hit online! A smooth alfredo-type sauce is made in the same pot as the pasta, letting it soak in its juices.

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Julie at The Little Kitchen came up with this scrumptious looking one-pot dinner and you’re going to love it! A twist on a classic, this one-pot lasagna is made up with a few simple ingredients and just under 40 minutes in the kitchen.

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Feeling like something a little spicier tonight? These Thai Spicy Noodles from Domestic Superhero will do the trick! They’re loaded with delicious seasonings and spices and will beat takeout any day!

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Sometimes nothing beats a good classic, especially when it’s made super simple! This One-Pot Chicken Parmesan is a great meal for any day of the week, and is even nice enough to serve to your guests!

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What’s not to love about a dish packed with bacon and cheese! This One-Pot Carbonara tastes just like the original recipe you love, but even better. Your pasta will absorb all the bacon and cheesy goodness!

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Spice up your life! Or at least your pasta night. This Enchilada Pasta is made in just one-pot. Plus it’s vegetarian and can be made gluten-free too!

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Some nice Italian seasoning, parmesan cheese, and a dash of chardonnay add incredible tastes to this one-pot pasta. It tastes as good as the restaurant version for a smidgen of the price too!

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No pasta list would be complete without a great Alfredo sauce – one-pot pasta recipes included! This great Alfredo sauce from Cafe Delites can be made in a  jiffy and has that perfectly smoky garlic taste that you love!

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