This One Skillet Pepper Steak is the best ever recipe you will try and we have a quick video to show you how. Get the details now.

one skillet pepper steak

This One Skillet Pepper Steak Recipe has been a smash for WHOot Contributor Dave Hood. If you loved his Cabbage Rolls or his Carrot Cake Cookies this is another one you will be keen to try.

This recipe is of Chinese origin and is better than any take out version that you will try. It’s also on the table in 30 short minutes. Dave says it’s incredibly tender and packs a flavor punch!

one skillet pepper steak

One Skillet Pepper Steak Ingredients

  • 1 pound of fairly slice sirloin beef, pounded out
  • ¾ cup of water
  • 3 tbsp of soy sauce
  • 2 tbsp of sugar
  • Two Tablespoons of corn starch
  • 1 tbsp of ground black pepper
  • 4 – 5 drops of sesame oil
  • 1 Tablespoon of oyster sauce
  • 1 small sliced onion
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 thumb size ginger, chopped
  • One green bell pepper, sliced
  • 1 small carrot, sliced

One Skillet Pepper Steak Video Tutorial

via Dave Hood, The Cook’n Share, Youtube.

Are you ready to learn how to make Dave’s Pepper Steak? He’s on standby ready to show you how. We highly recommend that you watch the video in order to achieve the best possible result. To view, click Play above ^

Where To Find Dave

Dave Hood is the creative genius behind this One Pan Pepper Steak Recipe and he has plenty more to share with you.

Dave has a website filled with one-pot wonders and plenty of easy to whip up meals. It really is the case that there’s something for everyone.

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