Owls are super popular in our Community and this stunning 3D Owl Cake Recipe is one to make. Be sure that you watch the video too.

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3D Owl Cake Recipe

If you’ve been wondering how to make a 3D Owl Cake Recipe, it’s easier than you thought! This fabulous Cake is just OWLdorable and you will love to create it yourself.

The Tutorial is easy to follow with step by step photos. It starts with 2 round cake layers and a half a ball cake layer. They are stacked with a Chocolate or White Icing depending on your taste.

3D Owl Cake Recipe

You’ll need a Cookie Cutter to prepare the Fondant ‘Feathers’ and a Decorator Bag with a 1A round tip for your frosting. We’ve also included an Owl Cupcake Cake version below.

Scroll our post to view all the ideas and watch the video too.

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3D Owl Cake Recipe

2 six inch round cake layers
1 half of a ball cake layer
2 cups of chocolate frosting {Like my Whipped Buttercream} or white colored icing
8-inch foil cake board or cake platter
1A round decorator’s tip
decorator bag
A few balls of colored fondant
Round cutters – 1 1/2 inch, 2 inch, 3/4 inch (or base of 1A tip)

How To Make 3D Owl Cake Recipe

We have found a video for you to watch which steps you through the process. Click Play above to view ^

Owl Cake

Check out this fabulous creation from our member Kylie. We are sure you will agree that when it comes to the fabulous 3D Owl Cake Recipe, she absolutely nailed it!

You will also love this gorgeous Owl Cake. It is incredibly easy to make. You can check it out here

Owl Cupcake Cake

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