How To Make Owl Tree Cupcake Cake

You are going to love to make this stunning Owl Pullapart Cupcake Cake and it is guaranteed to be the highlight of your Party table!
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If you are on the hunt for an adorable idea for a cake, this Owl Tree Cupcake Cake is just what you are looking for.

It is perfect for any event and whether it be a birthday or baby shower, it is guaranteed to earn you plenty of compliments. The best part, you can make this beautiful centerpiece in any color combination you like. This cake is super easy to make and you will love the results.

As was suggested in the video, you are going to need lots of green icing for this cake. If you are wanting a perfect buttercream recipe, we have one on our site here.

The best part about this Owl Cupcake Tree is that you can make the crown of the tree as big as required, depending on how many party guests you have. Just be sure to make extra Owl Cake Pops.

How To Make Owl Tree Cupcake Cake Video

We’re excited to share this Owl Tree Cupcake Cake Video with you and you are going to be over the moon when you see just how easy this cake is to recreate. The Blogger shows you how to make Oreo Owl Cupcakes too. Click Play above ^

The Owls can also be made as Owl Cake Pops and you can bury the sticks in the cupcakes. This is a very sweet idea and you can pull them out of the tree and share them around.

Owl Cupcake Cake

Here’s another wonderful member creation. We love the gorgeous colors. If you would like a less sickly fondant for this recipe, we highly recommend that you check out the Marshmallow Fondant. It’s easy to make and tastes great.

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