How To Make Restaurant Style Poached Eggs

If you love eggs, we’ve found the secret to restaurant style poachies. Jamie Oliver is in the house to show us how!

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If you like us enjoy eggs, you will love to learn how to make perfect poached eggs. This recipe is so good, it rivals the restaurant version.

If you loved Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs, today you will be excited to try Jamie Oliver’s famous poachies. The tips and tricks that you will learn will change the way you poach forever!

Testing Egg Freshness

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How To Test Eggs Freshness

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Jamie Oliver says the secret to the best poached eggs is to ensure that your eggs are very fresh. The above chart will help you determine the level of freshness.

Next time you are food shopping, be sure to dig around at the back of the fridge, that’s where the freshest eggs are hanging out.

Another common mistake is using boiling water. Jamie says it should be simmering, not boiling.

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Julia Child’s Poached Egg Trick

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Before we share the Jamie Oliver video with you, we thought you might like to see how Julia Childs makes her eggs.

How does this compare to the way you are currently making them?

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Egg Poaching Hack

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Monica of Mama Bee Simple saw one of Jamie Oliver’s tips when she was watching breakfast TV.

She used the cling wrap method and she loved how they came out like perfect little parcels.

She suggests 3 to 5 minutes of cooking time. The lower time will result in a more runny egg. We now use this as our preferred method and the results are fantastic.

If you are using cling wrap, be sure to use food-grade or use Poachies as we do, they are brilliant.

How To Make Perfect Poached Eggs – Jamie Oliver Video

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Are you ready to see how famous Chef, Jamie Oliver makes his poached eggs? He shows us three sensational ways to nail them every time. To see Jamie in action, press play above ^

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