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Pull Apart Cupcake Cakes Cute Ideas

There’s a reason that everyone loves Pull Apart Cupcake Cakes.

They are easy to make and look great! They always go down a treat and the best part, you don’t need any special cake decorating skills.

There are so many designs to choose from. Some of the most popular include the Princess Cake and  Owl Pull-apart Cake to name a few!

via Mum Turned Mom

Poppy Trolls Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake

One of the most popular that we have shared on our Facebook Page is the Trolls Cake above from Mum Turned Mom. It’s easy to see why it has been a hit with our community and it’s super easy to put together. We love it and we know it will be a hit if you make it.


Horse Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake

This Horse Cupcake Cake is the next great idea that we are sharing with you and the creator behind the idea is Press the Party. They have even created a printable template for you to follow.

Pullapart Cupcake Fish Cake

Fish Cupcake Cake

Try this clever Fish Cupcake Cake for starters – it uses 2 tones swirled cupcakes to make up the fat fish body and a 1 layer round cake is halved and stacked to create firstly the head of the fish, and then the other half is used to create the fishtail.

Fish Pull Apart Cupcake Cake

via Cocoa Cupcake

Scroll our page for lots of inspiration. If you are looking for tips and tricks on how to achieve awesome effects, you will definitely want to view our Cupcake Decorating Guide.

As you can see the Tutorial includes very detailed step by step instructions with photos.

Get the details here

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Puppy Cupcake Cake

Pull-Apart Cupcake Dachshund Cake

This pull-apart cake from Rachel’s Cakes is a perfect way to celebrate any dog lovers – or fog’s! – birthday. You’ll need to make a head, some little paw feet, and tail separately using either cake or some other materials, You’ll then make the body with as many cupcakes as you need.


John Deere Tractor Cupcake Cake

Pull-Apart Tractor Cupcake Cake

For her son’s first birthday, blogger Amanda at Queso Suizo had this delicious-looking tractor cake made by her mom, a hobby baker. It was a lot simpler – and cheaper! – then working with fondant, and the kids, of course, loved it!

You can see all of her great kid’s party ideas, including the cake here.

Owl Pullapart Cupcake Cake

Owl Tree Cupcake Cake

This lovely owl pull-apart cupcake cake is made completely of cupcakes. By assembling them first and then layering the frosting over them, it gives the illusion of a full cake. Although this design originally comes from a bakery, we’ve included a tutorial from the RecipeRebel blog here on how to make your own version!

Flower Pullapart Cupcake Cake

Bright Flower Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake

The Mini Pie Company sells this pull-apart cupcake cake on their Etsy page, but you can easily make your own version too using cupcakes, frosting, and candy pearls. Add a line of icing for the stem and you’ve got a lovely flower cake that can be made in a flash!

Cupcake Ice Cream Cake

Pull-Apart Ice Cream Cupcake Cake

Now here is a cake that any kid would be thrilled to have! In fact, we’re pretty sure it would make us smile too!  Melissa from My Cake School shows us how to put this cupcake pull-apart cake together in a quick video tutorial that you’re going to love! Using an ice-cream cone for the bottom makes it all easy-peasy! See the full tutorial here.

Beehive Pullapart Cupcake Cake

Cupcake Beehive Cake

This idea from Better Homes & Gardens uses cupcakes to make this fun-looking beehive! They also use a great idea for making those tiny bees: using yellow candy melts and an edible ink marker. Get the full tutorial on how to put it all together on their website.

Get the full tutorial here.

Thomas Train Railroad Cupcake Cake

We absolutely love this idea from Flickr user Cecy Trejo. She used cupcakes to make the train tracks by adding a simple kit-kat bar on top! She then put on some tiny toy trains (an extra present for the birthday boy or girl!) and added a few little signs too. It wouldn’t take long to put together and is perfect for Thomas or train fans.

Monkey Cupcake Cake

Monkeys In A Tree Cupcake Cake

This great idea comes from ACup4MyCake blogger Sara. She used frosted cupcakes to assemble the tree, then made the monkey cupcakes using fondant. She also used the fondant for the bananas and flowers, then piped frosting to make the grass below. You can see her post about it on this page.


Cupcake Flower Bouquet

This bright and pretty cupcake flower bouquet looks like it could be so much fun to make!Living Locurto blogger Amy had this at the first Pinterest Ambassadors party in 2015, and we just thought it was so lovely! You could really go to town making each cupcake look special, or keep it simple and pipe each to look like an easy flower. See her post about it here.

Princess Pull Apart Cupcake Cake

Princess Dress Pull-Apart Cake

We posted about this lovely pink princess dress cake here, as well as quite a few other ideas we know you’ll love! The dress is surprisingly simple to make and looks absolutely beautiful made up of jewelry and candy pearls! See our post about it here.

Cupcake Cow Cake

Pull-Apart Cow Cupcake Cake

This Pull-APart cupcake cow cake is almost too cute looking to eat! Living Lucarto originally posted this cake on Facebook. It would make a great cake for a farm-theme party, or a first birthday party too!

Hello Kitty Cupcake Cake

This Hello Kitty cake from Baked With Love By Carousel would make any Kitty fan smile! It’s so simple to make too using pink and white cupcakes, along with a little fondant for the eyes, whiskers, and bow. Get the full tutorial here,

Teenage Ninja Turtle Cupcake Cake

Ninja Turtle Pull-Apart Cake

If you’ve got a Ninja Turtles fan in the house, then they’re going to love having one of these cakes! Customize it with your child’s favorite turtle’s color band. This cake was made by Coolest Birthday Cakes for a child’s party with 50 guests – that’s a lot of cupcakes! You could do a smaller version too. See how they did it in this post.

Pull-Apart Bunny Cake

We love this pull-apart bunny cake, perfect for spring or Easter celebrations! This recipe is from Land O Lakes and they share the complete tutorial and recipe on their site. The cupcakes are assembled, frosted, then topped with coconut “fur” and some other simple decorations.

Get the full recipe here.

Owl Pullapart Cupcake Cake

Disney Owl Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake

This lovely pull-apart owl cake comes from a post originally on Disney’s own treats recipes site. It has since been deleted, but people are still making this same cake using just this photo as a guide. You’ll just need your cupcakes, frosting and some cookies and fruit loop cereal for decoration. And if you love this cake, you’ll love the other Disney recipes and party ideas on their website here too!

Spiderman Cupcake Cake

Spider-Man Pull Apart Cake DIY

This post came from a website called Cupcake Vixen originally, which has since been deleted, but it’s still a great idea to use for a Spiderman-themed party. You’ll just need to assemble your red-frosted cupcakes, then pipe the webbed frosting over them and add some fondant or frosted eyes.

Christmas Wreath Pullapart Cupcake Cake

Christmas Cupcake Wreath

This cupcake wreath is the perfect quick and easy way to make a fabulous dessert for a holiday get-together. Just make green cupcakes and assemble them into a wreath shape. Add some candy decorations and a bow and you’re done!

See how to make this wreath and view more styles here

Wedding Dress Cupcake Cake

Bridal Shower Dress Pull Apart Cake

This cake was made for Belle Vie blogger Alaina for her bridal shower. It’s a lovely idea and not overly complicated to make! Any future bride would just love to get one. You can see her photos of it on her blog.

Caterpillar Cupcake Cake

Caterpillar Cupcake Cake

Cupcake Caterpillar Birthday Cake

This caterpillar cake has been making its round on Pinterest because it’s so darn cute and simple! It would be great for a Very Hungry Caterpillar party, or a first birthday party or class party. You can watch this video on how to assemble one or head over to Wonderful DIY for the cupcake recipe and tutorial.

via Pinterest

Peacock Pullapart Cupcake Cake

Peacock Cupcake Cake

This peacock cake was made by the blogger behind Raindrops and Bellyflops and is such a great idea! You’ll need to make a template first, as they did in dark blue, and then assemble your cupcakes on top. The main cake would be made with cupcakes as well, or by using a small round cake and a cupcake for the head. See the post at Raindrops and Bellyflops.

Truck Cupcake Cake

Train Cupcake Pull Apart Birthday Cake

CocoCakeLand blogger Lindsay loves her job as a cake decorator and came up with this adorable cupcake train for one child’s fifth birthday party. She made the engine and caboose as separate cakes complete with cupcake wheels. She then put cupcakes in between topped with different frosting and raspberries.

See her post about it on CocoCakeLand.

Frozen Elsa Cupcake Cake

Princess Dress Cupcake Cake

This lovely idea comes from a volunteer cake decorator for Birthday Cakes 4 Free, a charity that makes free cakes for financially and socially disadvantaged seniors and kids. It doesn’t come with a tutorial but it is a  lovely cake that can be made using another cupcake dress tutorial (look up this page!). Image found on Birthday Cakes 4 Free Flickr page.

Princess pull apart cupcake cake

Sofia The First Cupcake Dress

This cake was made by Jessie Karns Asbury for her daughter’s second birthday party. It has become so popular she has since made more for other birthday parties in her bakery, and it has been pinned on Pinterest thousands of times! There isn’t a tutorial to go with, but the decoration is just so lovely! You can see her posts about it on her Facebook page, Heavenly Daydreams.

Princess Cupcake Pullapart Cake

Looking for more styles? We have a post filled with fabulous Princess Cupcake Cakes including the one above. Check It Out HereJohn Deere Cupcake Cake Tractor

Tractor Cupcake Cake

This tractor cake is another one from the Heavenly Dreams Facebook page of baker Jessie Karns Asbury. There isn’t a specific tutorial for it, but she did describe how she makes it using 40 cupcakes, dyed green Wilton frosting, and a board covered with food-grade paper for the support. See her post about it here.

Fish Cupcake Cake

Melissa from My Cake School came up with this idea for a fish pull-apart cake. It could really be a lovely rainbow fish or made in all one color She shares the full tutorial on her blog, including how to make the head and tail using a small round cake.

See the full tutorial on My Cake School.

This cute turtle cake from Betty Crocker requires just 24 cupcakes and some green and brown frosting. We love how simple it is and how nicely it comes out looking! Get the full recipe and tutorial at Betty Crocker.

Cupcake Number Cakes

You can learn how to make a number cake using cupcakes by watching this video on Youtube. DecoPac walks you through each step, including how to frost so it looks like a single cake. Watch the video here.

Sponge Bob Pull Apart Cupcake

CakeCentral user kariberry came up with this lovely Spongebob Pull-APart cake for one lucky child’s first birthday smash cake. You can see her post, including more photos here.

via Cake Central

butterfly cupcake cake

via Pinterest

via The Harnisch Family

Like More? Be sure to check out our next post that includes loads more fabulous cupcake cakes including the version below. View Here 

Princess Cupcake Cake


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