Everyone’s Loving This Amazing Rainbow Shard Cake

If you are on the hunt for a stunning cake to make, we have found you a corker! This Rainbow Chocolate Shard Cake is simply gorgeous and you will love the results.

Talk about eye candy! We were blown away the minute our eyes spied this picture perfect cake and we were astounded to find out how easy it is to make. It’s just so magical!

This Chocolate Shard Rainbow Cake has been an internet smash and it’s extremely easy to see why. Whilst it looks like you would need to be a Pro, the reverse is actually true.

How To Make Rainbow Chocolate Shard Cake Video

Vanessa of Cake Style is the baker behind this gorgeous creation and she has created a helpful video tutorial to show us all how to recreate this stunner at home.

Once you learn, this technique could even be applied to a store-bought cake. You can change the flavor too if you prefer, but who doesn’t love Chocolate? Click Play above to view now ^

You can grab the instructions on Vanessa’s Website here

via iced Jems

Another great way that you can make a Chocolate Shard Cake is like this marbled version from Iced Jems. As you can see, it is truly impressive and again, it’s easy to make.

She has a full tutorial on herĀ site to step you through the process. Want more? Check out our Rainbow Cake IdeasĀ here

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