Rainbow Unicorn Cake Ideas You’ll Love

Everyone loves Unicorns and if you do too, we’ve found lots of incredible Cakes you’re going to love to make! View now …

Rainbow Unicorn Cake

There’s nothing quite as magical as Unicorns and this cutie comes with squeals of delight guaranteed! You will be amazed at just how easy it is to recreate this stunning cake and imagine the look on your little one’s face when you present them with this stunner.

The Blogger will step you through the process and we have also included a 2D ‘My Little Pony Cake’ for you to view.

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Imagine our delight when we tripped over this stunning 3D Unicorn Cake that looks like it has leaped straight off the Carousel!

We found it on Facebook on the ‘Tattooed Bakers’ Page. Talk about incredible .. we’re head over hooves!

How To Make A Unicorn Cake Video -:

We found a video that shows you how to make an easy Unicorn Cake for your next get together. You’ll see it’s surprisingly easy when you know how. Click play above to watch ^

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Whilst this Unicorn Cake above doesn’t have a tutorial you could create a cake and then trace on a similar picture to the top of your cake. Marshmallow Fondant would also be great for the Mane.

It’s not sickly like a lot of icing and our post includes a Jello Fondant that would also work. You can get the recipes here

Pegacorn Rainbow Unicorn Mama and Baby Cake

This stunning 3D Pegacorn Rainbow Unicorn Cake is made by Art2EatCakes and has been a literal internet smash! It’s a Mama and her baby. Can you see the little one tucked up under her head! From the stunning details of the main and horn to the beautiful wings, this is a serious masterpiece.

Did you notice those cute rainbow hooves? You can find the Tutorial here and purchase the video tutorial here

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We found this Unicorn Cupcake Cake on Pinterest and this is extremely easy to make. It has no tutorial but you can use cupcakes to make the rainbow and then add fondant unicorns to the top.

Unicorn Transfer Tutorial via Moms and Munchkins 

Another great way to make an easy cake is using a Character Topper. This involves tracing your chosen character onto the top of the cake and then icing it.

Here’s another gorgeous Unicorn Cake from  Instagram 

What an amazing cake this one from Reddit is.

My Little Pony 2D Cake

This 2D My Little Pony Cake is one of the favorites in our Community and it’s a simple cake to make when you know how. You can find the full tutorial and more ideas in our post here


Rainbow Unicorn Cake

If you would like to make this beautiful 3D Rainbow Unicorn Cake you can find the full tutorial with lots of great information and tips and tricks on the ‘The Quick Unpick’ Site here

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