Ruffle Cake Ideas DIY Video Tutorial

Impress your guests by making one of these incredible ruffle cakes at your next party! They’re delicious to eat as they are beautiful …

There is nothing better than a delicious piece of cake, but when every bite looks this beautiful, it tastes even better!

These gorgeous ruffle cakes range from the princess-style ruffles as on the cake below, to the elegantly stylish ombre version above.

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Princess Ruffle Cake via Lacy Jakes Cakes

Even if cake decorating isn’t your forte, you will be able to recreate any of these gorgeous Ruffle Cakes easily. There are a number of different techniques and we have lots to inspire you !

We’ll begin with the gorgeous Princess Cake from Lacy Jakes Cakes. These fondant ruffles are easy to pull off!  You roll a long strip of fondant until its thin and cut the strip into 3 inch wide sections.

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rainbow ruffle cake via Cuteology Cakes Facebook

You then use your fingers to create pleats, 3 or more on every strip. To create the ruffles, you pinch the top of the pleat.

Next, cut off any excess fondant and attach your ruffles with frosting. Marshmallow Fondant would be perfect for your cake.

Fondant Ruffle Cake Video Tutorial

We have included a video tutorial that shows you how to recreate the Princess Ruffle Cake. You are going to love how easy this method is. You can use this easy technique for any of your chosen cakes. Click Play above to view video now ^


Having the right PipingTips is essential if you love to bake and we are big fans of Wilton. We love their ultimate decorator kit and it’s essential buying if you are serious about your results. View Here

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Buttercream Ruffle Cake Tutorial via Canadian Family

This simple tutorial from Canadian Family shows you another ruffle cake method using buttercream frosting. This one is extremely lush looking! You can use various sized tips to get bigger or smaller ruffles, and make them tighter or looser.

Ruffles via Wilton

Here is another great buttercream technique from the cake experts, Wilton. This ruffle is made in one single straight line by making a wavy effect with a frosting tip. You can use this as a border for a cake or layer it up to make a bunch of ruffles.

Here is a great use for ruffles on a children’s birthday cake from Little Big Company. Using a rainbow of colors, and adding a nice rainbow decoration on top. This would be a cake any kid would love to dig into!

Ruffle Cake via DeVoli Cakes

Here is a beautiful idea from DeVoli Cakes Facebook page. This gorgeous cake almost resembles a little black dress, complete with edible gold gems and a flower. This could easily be done using the princess cake ruffle method, and adding on a simple cloth flower!

Ombre Ruffle Cake via Jenny Lofthouse

JennyLofthousee made this beautiful ombre wedding cake. Ombre ruffle cakes are a huge trend for weddings this year and look gorgeous in a range of colors and ruffle styles. We love the ruffle heart on this one, though it took her 10 hours to get it right!

Ruffle Cake via dulcesentimiento

Rainbow Ruffle Cake via Bubble And Sweet 

Ruffle Cake via Party Inspirations

Hello Kitty Ruffle Cake via Cake Central 

Pink and White Pearl Ruffle Cake via Cakes Decor 
Ruffle Cake via Juniper Cakery

Ruffle Cake via Bubble and Sweet 

Rainbow Ruffle Cake via Bubble And Sweet 

Ruffled Cake Pops Tutorial via Pint Size Baker

Here is another great use for cake ruffles – cake pops! Fun to eat and pretty to look at, these are made using a ball or ruffle tool to ruffle the fondant, but could just as easily be done by hand using fingers and thumb.

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