Sex in a Pan Recipe Is A Naughty Treat You’ll Love

It sure is a crazy name but don’t let that fool you! This dessert is a world beater and we have a video tutorial from the creator that shows you how. Check it out now.

Sex in a Pan

It’s a crazy name but it’s far from offensive and one look is all that you need to know that there is something very special about this dessert! This Sex In A Pan has been a Pinterest smash and every time we share it on our Facebook Page, they love it!

The recipe uses Cool Whip which is heavy whipping cream with gelatine. To say this dessert gets rave reviews is an understatement. It seems to have a cult following.

Sex In A Pan Recipe

One thing is guaranteed, you won’t be disappointed. We have included a video tutorial further down our page that will step you through the process. Be sure to scroll and view.

Diana made this Sex In A Pan and this is what she had to say.

“This is one of the most requested desserts I have. Easy to put together, and ohhhhhh soooooo gooooood. (People actually make strange noises while eating it!) It will keep for a few days in the fridge, but only if you padlock the door.”

How To Make Sex In A Pan Recipe Video

We have included a video tutorial from Jo of Jo Cooks who is the creator behind the recipe. She is also an author and has an excellent book filled with her legendary recipes. We highly recommend that you grab yourself a copy.

She will step you through the process and you will see how easy it is. Click Play above to watch Jo now ^

Joanna Cismaru of Jo Cooks fame has her own Cook Book as previously mentioned. You will definitely want it.

She is famous for her one-pot wonders and her book is filled with 30 Minute recipes that require a lot less time and leave no mess!  Get your copy here and for the full recipe instructions, visit her site here.

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