You’ll Love This Hands Free Skillet Bread Recipe

If you don’t have a Dutch Oven, you will love this easy Skillet Bread Recipe and it’s hands free and no kneading. Mother Nature does all the work. Watch the video now.

skillet bread recipe

If you love to bake but are yet to buy a Dutch Oven, today you will learn how you can whip up this Skillet Bread Recipe that delivers incredibly good results that you will absolutely love.

The creator behind this method is Steve. He calls it his Turbo Bread In a Skillet and it’s ready to bake in 2 and a half hours. He also has a unique oven light trick that he uses.

skillet bread recipe

Skillet Bread Recipe Ingredients

13 Oz Warm Tap Water

1-1.5 Teaspoons Salt

1.25 Teaspoons Instant Yeast

3.5 Cups Bread Flour

Skillet Bread Recipe Video Tutorial

Steve is a whiz in the kitchen and he’s easy to follow and straight to the point. He has some awesome tips and tricks too. Steve says you don’t need expensive cookware and that you can use any oven proof vessel for this recipe.

This video uses the “Turbo” method (ready to bake in 2-1/2 hours) and “hands-free” technique (Steve won’t even touch the dough) to make no-knead bread. He’ll even garnish the loaf with sesame seeds without touching the dough. The turbo method and hands-free technique will expand the world of no-knead bread making. Click Play above to view now ^

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