Learn How To Make Adorable Snow Globe Cupcakes

You’ll love these Snow Globe Cupcakes with Gelatin Bubbles and they there’s no doubt when we say they will be the talk of your Holiday Table. This is one of the cutest ideas going!

snow globe cupcakes with gelatin bubbles

When it comes to desserts and incredibly creative ideas, Elizabeth of Sugar  Hero is next level in every way. She is one of our favorite Bloggers and her endless talent never ceases to amaze us.

She is also a published author and The Sweet Book of Candy Making is something that needs to be added to your collection.

snow globe cupcakes with gelatin bubbles

via sugar hero

Imagine our delight when we came across Elizabeths Snow Globe Cupcakes. They are made from Gelatine and they will certainly create plenty of holiday buzz.

They have gone viral on social media and it is easy to see why. We were blown away when we saw them and it seems they hit a chord with the rest of the world too.

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via sugar hero

As you can see from the photos above, the secret to the Gelatin Bubbles is food grade balloons. This is truly ingenious on Elizabeth’s part. Whilst in our travels, we have seen other ideas using this concept.

One creative Mom decided to change Elizabeth’s idea up a bit. She popped soldiers in her son’s birthday cupcakes. Whilst these are made for the holidays, you can also use them for other occasions.

How To Make Snow Globe Cupcakes Video

Elizabeth has created a video that steps you through the process and shows you how to make her adorable Snow Globe Cupcakes. Don’t forget to grab a copy of her book either.

Click Play above to view ^ and you can find the full printable instructions on her site here 

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