Delicious 2 Ingredient Soda Pop Cakes

You will love these Soda Pop Cake Recipes that use 2 ingredients. This is the ultimate delicious baking hack! Watch the quick video tutorial now.

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We are always on the hunt for clever ideas that save you time. When we discovered these Soda Pop Cakes Recipes, we knew we were onto a winner and we couldn’t wait to share.urself short on time.

You only need 2 ingredients to whip up these cakes. This will work equally well for cupcakes and larger cakes too. This is a cheats version and you will get a nice, moist result.

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Soda Pop Cakes Recipes

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The above infographic includes 8 simple recipes that you will be keen to roadtest. All you need is a can of soda pop and a box cake mix. That’s it!

You can make a zesty lemon cake, cherry chip cake using Dr. Pepper, and a sinless devils food cake using Coke. It’s perfect when you want a great result minus a lot of work. The recipe is also perfect for party food.

How To Make Soda Pop Cakes Video Tutorial

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We have included a video tutorial that shows you how to make these easy and delicious soda pop cakes. Be warned though, they are highly addictive! This is obviously not an everyday food. It is more of a sweet treat. To see how to make them, click Play above ^

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Bakery Style Box Cake Recipe

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Did you know that you can make box cake taste like a bakery? This recipe has been hugely popular on Facebook and again, uses a simple box cake mix. You add an extra egg and swap out oil with melted butter. By swapping out the water with milk, you will also ensure a richer, more delicious result.

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Skinny Soda Pop Cupcakes

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If you would like a skinny version, you will love this Strawberry Cupcakes Recipe. The main ingredient apart from the box cake is a can of Diet 7-Up.

They look absolutely scrumptious and have a delicious frosting. Get the recipe here.

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Orange Crush Cupcakes

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If orange is more your thing, you will love these Orange Crush Cupcakes from Cincy Shopper. The color is gorgeous and they are super delicious too. Get the recipe here.

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