Stained Glass Jello Wreath Recipe

This NO Bake Stained Glass Jello Christmas Wreath will be the star of your festive table and it takes no time at all to prepare …

This Stained Glass Jello Christmas Wreath will brighten up any table! It’s no bake and only takes only 15 short minutes to make!

You only need a few ingredients and the stained glass looks brilliant in the red and green Christmas colors. This will look gorgeous on your Table!

video recipe via Yoyomax12

Stained Glass Jello Video Tutorial

We’ve found an easy video tutorial for you which shows the steps to make a Broken Glass or Stained Glass Jello Cake. The video is based on the recipe below from food writer Jenn Fujikawa. It’s important to chill the Jello in the refrigerator until set firmly.

To unmold the Jello easily, just dip the bottom of the Jello container in a larger container of hot water for a few seconds and it will pop out. Click Play above to view the video ^

The Food Librarian is the creator behind this stunning version and you will find an excellent photo tutorial to step you through the process.

Visit their website for all the instructions here.

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Stained Glass Window Jello

via Just Jenn Recipes

Jenn is a popular lifestyle and food writer and says that her Stained Glass Window Jello is always popular for potlucks. It’s perfect fun party food and so simple.

It looks like a lot of work but takes next to no time and only a few easy steps are needed. Jenn’s also made a bright and colorful Lego version of the Jello for kids parties which is always a hit!

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