Amazing Strawberry Chocolate Mirror Cake Video Tutorial

With over 2 million views on youtube, this gorgeous Strawberry Chocolate Mirror Cake is a must make. We have the video tutorial to show you how. Watch now.

Ella from Home Cooking Adventure is one of our favorites and as a WHOot Contributor, we are thrilled to share her amazing creations.

Today we are showcasing her Strawberry Chocolate Mirror Cake and to say it is spectacular is an understatement. This will be on your must-bake list for sure.

via home cooking adventure

As you can see from the photo above, this Chocolate Strawberry Mirror Cake is stunning to say the least. Ella suggests that you need to be more organized with this dessert to achieve the best results.

She recommends that you make the strawberry jelly and chocolate cake in the morning and then freeze. You can then make the white mousse and assemble the cake in the afternoon.

Strawberry Chocolate Mirror Cake Video

Ella not only produces beautiful desserts, she is also a master when it comes to making mini-movies that are poetry in motion.

You will love seeing her whip up this Strawberry Chocolate Mirror Cake. In order to achieve the best result, we highly recommend you spend time viewing. Click Play above to watch now ^

You can find the printable instructions for this Strawberry Chocolate Mirror Cake here and for Ella’s other recipes, view here.

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