Wendy’s Teddy Bear Racing Car Party Treats

So sImple to make, these Teddy Teddy Bear Racing Car Party Food Treats are perfect for any celebration you can think of and super cute to boot.
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Oh-so simple and extremely cute, these Teddy Bear Racing Cars Party Food Snacks are sure to rev up your table! These little treats are so much fun to put together and you are going to love the results.

They are perfect for all celebrations and make great party favors too. You can even get the kids to help but they are almost too cute to eat!

Teddy Bear Racing Cars Ingredients

via Wendy’s Kitchen Table

  • 3.5oz (100g) milk chocolate, melted
  • 1 bag Milky Way bars (18)
  • One Packet Tiny Teddy biscuits, Hundreds and Thousands
  • 1 bag Smarties (M&M’s)
  • Musk Lollies (1/2) for the steering wheel
  • Cachous (silver pearl cake decorations) for headlights

Teddy Bear Racing Cars Party Food Instructions

via Wendy’s Kitchen Table

Sort the Smarties (M&M’s) into sets of 4 for wheels and cut 18 musk lollies in half with a sharp knife, for steering wheels. Remove the wrappers from the Milky Way bars.

Cut 18 Tiny Teddies in half at the belly button using a sharp knife.

Melt chocolate in a sealed glad snaplock bag in the microwave on medium (50%) for about 1 minute, checking every 20 seconds until melted.

Snip a corner off the bag. Squeeze out a few drops of chocolate to glue 4 Smarties ‘wheels’ on each car.

Place a few drops of chocolate on the top of each ‘car’ and sit the Teddy’s on.

Next, put a drop of chocolate on the ‘car’ in the front of each Teddy and glue on steering wheels.

Finish by putting 2 drops of chocolate on the front bumper and sticking on cachous for headlights.

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