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Amazing Muffin Tin Recipes You’ll Love

If you love to make meals in muffin tins, you won't want to miss this post that has 10 of our handpicked favorites for you to try. From mini pies to pizzas, potato au gratin, spinach quiches and more, there is something for everyone. Check them all out now and Pin your favorites.

Easy Muffin Tin Shepherds Pies Recipe

You won't be able to resist these Muffin Tin Shepherds Pies. They're quick to make and will fly off the plate. We've included a video tutorial straight from the Pillsbury Kitchen too so you can nail this recipe perfectly!

The Easiest Embroidery Flowers For Baking

Decorate your cookies and cakes like a Pro using this amazing Brush Embroidery Icing trick that will make stunning flowers so easily! We've included a short video and you won't be able to wait to try this easy technique out!

Paleo Chocolate Fat Bomb Truffles

Healthy can be heavenly and you will love Dr Mercola's legendary Fat Bomb Truffles. Made from a few super food ingredients they are guilt free, paleo friendly and yum delicious yum. We have a quick video that will show you how to whip them up plus why they are so incredibly good for you. Check them out now.

Best 4 Ingredient Milo Balls Recipe

You will love this 4 ingredient Milo Balls Recipe and it couldn't be easier. They are quick and delicious and NO BAKE and easy to make. We've included a video tutorial to show you how.

Super Easy Custard Tarts Recipe

You'll love this delicious Individual Custard Tarts Recipe and we have a video tutorial to show you how. This is the original old fashioned favorite!

Jello Marshmallow Fondant Recipe Video

It's easy to make your own Jell-O Marshmallow Fondant from just a few ingredients and it's delicious and not sickly in the least! We have included a video tutorial plus show you how to make Jello Icing for your cookies. View now.

Better Than Bakery Kitchener Buns

The Kitchener Bun is an Aussie Icon and it's like a Jam and Cream Donut only better! It takes next to no time to prepare and the ingredients are super simple too. Check out how to make them now. You are going to love this delicious recipe.

How To Make Most Delicious Macarons

Today we're going French .. Macarons that is! We have tracked down the most viewed youtube video tutorial and the creator says that her Macarons Recipe is fool proof! If you have always wanted to make these simple treats but thought they were a bit tricky, you will love this post. Click the link now and you'll soon be baking like a Pro!

Best Homemade Sausage Recipe Ever

Everyone loves Sausages and whether you want meat or veggie style, nothing beats homemade. Imagine being able to whip up your own unique flavor combinations that will wow family and friends. They are easier than you think, so much more healthier and you will never buy store bought again. We have a video to show you how.

Herbal Tea Remedies Chart DIY Recipes

Learn how to make your own Herbal Tea Blends at home. We have charts that give you 15 different blends to treat every ailment under the sun. It will be like having your own herbal medicine cabinet! Treat Insomnia, Slow Metabolism, High Cholesterol, Stress, Bloatedness, Arthritis, to name a few. Check out the Ginger Tea Recipe too that sends Diabetes packing! Don't miss these handy charts!

Easy Raspberry Peach Sangria Recipe

This Raspberry Peach Sangria is to die for and it's so fresh and delicious, you won't believe it. We have a short video that will show you how to make this popular cocktail. Check it out now.

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